“To help federal employees and their spouses achieve their goals and dreams, financial professionals MUST understand where an employee is starting from with the benefits they currently have or don’t have.”

-Cassie Knight

My superpower is explaining the complicated world of federal employee benefits so they are easily understood.

My mission is to educate as many employees and their spouses as possible about the federal benefits. I achieve this by helping advisors with their federal employees’ clients to understand the consequences, good and bad, of their benefit decisions!

Being a Federal employee spouse to a DOD civilian employee, I realize how important it is for employees and their spouses to precisely understand what federal benefits an employee has so they can plan for their future.

And I understand financial professionals.  After spending time as an independent insurance broker helping federal employees coordinate their benefits with insurance products, I focused exclusively on helping federal employees and financial professionals navigate the complex world of federal retirement benefits.

Having been taught by the best in the industry, I started Fed Options to help a larger number of financial professionals and their clients.