Optimize the service you provide to your federal employee community

We help Financial Professionals transition

leads to clients

by increasing your credibility with federal employees.

Federal retirement benefits are CONFUSING!

Employees want to work with financial professionals they can trust – someone that deeply understands the federal retirement benefits systems, laws, and rules. If you don’t know the answers, your federal employee clients won’t work with you or recommend you.

Always know the answers.

Fed Options is like the in-ear piece giving you all the answers during the test.

You will always know the correct and best answers to their questions and be able to navigate their benefits. No matter how difficult a case, you will be able to help them find solutions.


Benefits Command Center

Reports, analyses, and information for each federal employee you work with.

Software Setup

Getting you set up for success on whatever platform you use.

Benefits Consulting Services

Assistance with complex cases.